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Scenario You are asked to plan one of your program’s traditional events. You are

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You are asked to plan one of your program’s traditional events. You are very excited and really want to plan something that everyone will attend and enjoy. You start working on the planning using the same model as was used in previous years, but start hearing complaints from staff and family about the event and begin to wonder if doing it the way it has always been done is really the best idea. Your goal is to establish a family-focused and culturally sensitive program.
To better support the diverse needs of all families, you are creating an action plan on how to adapt the traditional family event to create opportunities for a family-focused and culturally sensitive program
Part One – Examine a Traditional Family Event
Choose a Traditional Family Event to focus on for Part One:
Mother’s Day Event
Father’s Day Event
Grandparent’s Day
Guest Reader
First, consider one traditional program event (from the list above) and explain the limitations of this type of event by addressing the following:
Does the event meet the varying needs of families?
Does the event help to create diverse and inclusive family engagement? Why or why not?
Provide support from at least one resource from course readings, library, or credible online resources for your explanation
Part Two – Determine Alternative Plans
Based on the new families joining your program below, explain an alternative/adapted event to the one you chose in Part One, which will more equitably support three families from the list below. For example, if you chose Mother’s Day, how can your program create an event that includes each of the three families you choose from the list below?
Family lost an infant or toddler two years ago and now has a newborn and is enrolling in a program for the first time.
Divorcing family has just been separated with a six-month-old child.
Military family with one parent being deployed and the other parent is the sole caregiver for a toddler.
Intergenerational family with grandparents as the primary caregivers for an infant and two and half year old.
Non-traditional family with two dads, who just adopted a toddler.
In your explanation include your answers to the prompts below for the alternative event:
Explain how the alternative event will create a family-focused and culturally sensitive program and include specifics related to the three families you identified from the list of new families. Include reference to at least one resource from the course readings, library, or credible online resources
Provide methods of communication for the family event that meets the diverse needs of family and encourages participation.
Recommend steps and/or questions that early childhood educators need to follow or address when planning a family event in the future.
Part Three – Write a Reflection
Write a reflection that addresses the following questions:
Reflect on the Traditional Event
Why did you choose that event?
Reflect on Alternative Event
How could the alternative event that you identified increase the level of engagement for all the different families?
How could you use the steps and questions to strengthen other family events that you program offers?
How could these changes establish a stronger relationship with all your families?
Reflect on Future Actions
What other actions do you need to take to be more inclusive? With other non-traditional families?
What other types of events or activities could be offered to foster relationships and family engagement?
One written document in three sections. Clearly label each section.
Traditional Family Event explanation
Alternative/Adapted Family Eventexplanation
A title page in APA format and a separate reference page including the two resources listed using APA reference format.
Professional presentation with accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation throughout.


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