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What are some ways you notice this instructor utilizing CRT?

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For this forum, you can choose (1) of the options below to respond to. To be clear…you only have to choose ONE of the two options!!!  Please make sure you read all of the instructions and respond with 3-5 sentences per question in order to earn your credit for this assignment. Once you have posted, respond to (1) classmate who chose the same option as you either affirming something they said or posing a question for further though, or challenging their response. Remember all of our responses to one another should be respectful, especially when we might disagree (which is okay)! Your post is due Sunday, January 30th @ 11:59 pm . Your response to your classmate is due Tuesday, February 1st @ 11:59 pm.
Option1: Culturally Responsive Teaching
A great way to help students tap into their capability is through culturally responsive teaching (CRT). CRT is designed to empower students and promote development in areas such as social and emotional. CRT allows students to make their own skills, languages, and attitudes a meaningful part of the classroom. Take a moment to watch the first video giving an explanation of CRT.
The second video illustrates some of the tools this teacher used to facilitate CRT. Take a moment to watch and respond to the prompts below.
1. What are some ways you notice this instructor utilizing CRT?
2. What activity appeals the most to you/you would consider using as an educator?
3. Do you believe there is a need for CRT? Why or why not?


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