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How Kate appears to you from the social history; What are your impressions of her?

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1.  On a single sheet of paper, write a note on how Kate appears to you from the social history (see Figure 16.3 in this chapter). What are your impressions of her? What do you think she would be likely to do or not do? How likely is she to commit sui-cide following this visit? How readily can she stand up for herself? What strengths and supports does she have? What contradictions do you see in looking at her life?
2.  Write up a social history of Carlos using the presenting problem paragraph pro-vided in this chapter to begin the history. Invent other information as needed. This will give you practice in organizing information.
3. Take a social history from a friend or classmate. Be sure to explain that the  person does not have to answer any question that is uncomfortable and that the person can make up information to fill in the gaps. The important thing is for you to practice taking a social history and then organizing the information in a useful format such as the one discussed in this chapter.


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